Analogue Appeal:

When given the option I prefer to take an analogue approach when it comes to having a hard copy of sheet music as well as a book. The reason I do not prefer digital copies of music is because it is harder for me to make comments as I am learning the music. Especially due to fact that I do not have the ability on my laptop to edit sheets of music online. Another example, that I would take this approach is when it comes to reading books. As a book lover, I prefer a hard copy of book because it hurts my eyes to start at a screen for that long or all day. I also find it hard to find my bookmark page on an online version.

It is my belief that each user has the power to make a technological tool an extension of their own morality. Any technological tool can be made immoral based on how the user uses it. A common example for this can be seen in both cyber stalking as well as cyber bullying. This is an immoral act because they use the internet to both degrade and debase others. There may be a moral limit placed on a tool by the creator through coding but users who are extremely well versed with the tool or with coding in general can usually bypass those moral limits. Some sites monitor post of users and censor immoral content. Another way for users to make technology an extension of their own morality is to censor other users. That occurs when users report one another to the Administrators of the platform if they feel that someone’s posts are hurtful or offensive.

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