Is There Really Privacy Online?

I believe that digital technology takes away too much privacy. All it takes is one wrong click to make all your personal information public or accessible to the wrong people. From scam emails, to phishing phone calls and social media hacks; more people today use digital technology to steal personal information. Even if you post photos on your account, they can easily be re-used for cat-fishing or fake online profiles. Once you post something online it is out on the web and out of your control. Digital technology has made people more vulnerable to loss of privacy with the rising number of hacking occurrences. The hacking of social media accounts is very common these days. I know several people that have been hacked through instagram. You find out that they have been hacked when they post from a new account warning their followers to report their old account and to block it. The hackers then try to steal your information by direct messaging you from your friend’s old account saying that they need help. Another instance where digital technology takes away privacy is with the ability to access public records online. Years ago you had to go to the courthouse to request information form the clerk to find out if someone had any legal filings on record. These days you can search by name on the court’s website to see if and how many cases they have been involved in. Privacy is only guaranteed in an analog world so people need to be wary of what they post and where they post it.

Technology’s impact on privacy has changed society in both positive and negative ways. Some of the positive why that it has changed society are that there is more protection for both your technology itself and online accounts. For example, on a phone there is always some sort of way to protect it from people like an apple phone has Face ID or a finger print. Another example is that this days you get alerts whenever there is suspicious activity on an account as well as having to put in a verification code before accessing an account, which helps you prevent someone from trying to hack it and take your information. Some negative impacts are that if someone is not careful with what they post online because then a hacker can find out their location or even hack the account. Another example is that people leak other people’s information online, which unfortunately has become a more common thing. Even with the positive side to this I believe that technology’s impact on society is only going to be come a bigger problem in the future.

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