It’s Game Time!

When it was time to create my own game, I was a little nervous considering that I have never created one before. I chose to use Scratch out of all of the websites provided because it seemed like the easiest one to use. Scratch is a website that provides very simple coding methods for any game created there. The website offers tutorials for each step but I did not find them useful.

My game was based on similar games I have seen online as well as a game I used to play in gym, which unfortunately I have forgotten the name of. I started by picking a background and chose the one that I found the most visually appealing. The goal of my game is to make sure that neither of the balls fall past the paddle and touch the redline. Once either ball hits the redline the game is over. I know from experience that games like this can be frustrating as it is difficult enough to keep one ball a float. I decided to add a second ball to make it more challenging.

The coding for both balls

After I chose the concept and the graphics, the website gave me a choice of simple coding commands. I used codes like “if on edge, bounce” so that way the balls can bounce around the screen to make it more of a challenge to hit them with the paddle. Every time the balls hit the paddle a point is added to the scoreboard. I ran into two problems when creating the game. My first problem was that I could not figure out how to show the scoreboard. I fixed this by taking a closer look at the coding options and found the correct coding command. The second problem that I had was trying to get the balls to bounce off of the paddle. I refreshed the game, which fixed this problem.

The coding for the redline
The start of the game

Even though this was my first time creating a game, it was an overall good experience. I encourage people to start with this program first if they have never tried coding in their lives. I encourage other to try and beat my high score of 44 points!

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