The Web 20-30 Years Ago:

Small Pieces Loosely Joined by David Weinberger was published in 2002 and describes the journey of the internet. The book so far discusses how the internet impacted society and how it has evolved substantially up to that point. It has evolved even more since this book was written. Weinberger goes on to describe how society became web focused and the need for rules of how to behave and interact on the web. He also focused on how the Web affected businesses of all types. As more people discovered the Web they spent less time socializing in person, thus began a divide in how society communicates today.

The artifact that I think of from that time period is the Video Cassette Recorder, better known as a VCR. Before the invention of the VCR, people had to go to a movie theatre to see a movie. More people started staying home to watch movies. This also led to a string of movie rental stores, such as Blockbuster. The VCR also changed the way people thought about TV shows. The ability to record one show while watching another gave laid foundation for today’ s DVR, which most people use today with their cable company. I can’t imagine a world in which you could not skip commercials. There are very few shows that I have actually watched while they are airing. My mom still has a VCR and tons of movies on cassettes. The quality of at home movies, such as on DVD has improved drastically and lasts better. Some of the VHS movies my mom has are a little grainy now. Although Small Pieces Loosely Joined by David Weinberger mostly describes the design of the internet and it impact on how people communicate, I believe it applies to the VCR because the VCR sparked the idea of watching movies at home, which eventually lead to streaming services online.

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