What is the Internet?

What is the Internet is a complicated question. I believe it to be a vast never-ending ocean of information. It is an intangible space full of ideas, opinions, facts and media. There are many search engines you can use to find articles, books, videos, music, personal statements, and people. Although I think that there is only 1 internet, I feel that information is able to be accessed differently depending on the device you are using. For example if you search for information on the web with your phone you may get different results then when you search for the same information on a laptop. The Internet is constantly changing and growing as well as being in constant motion. I would say that it is the Encyclopedia of mine and future generations.

What do I love about the Internet? I love listening to music without having to buy CDs. I use it to watch music videos, stream live performances and listen to particular songs without having to buy a whole album. It gives me a way to communicate with family overseas or even friends in my area while in lock down during the pandemic. It gives me answers and resources at my fingertips. As a person with dyslexia, I rely on it to figure how to spell words and listen to audio books. As a music major, I use the Internet to access recording software and find sheet music for my music classes. There are many ways the Internet positively affects my daily life.

What scares me about the Internet? The use of the Internet to threaten, bully or buy weapons used to harm people scares me the most. Reports of violence throughout our country and the world has substantially increased the last few years. You can find a lot of those stories on the Internet. I also am scared of how lazy people have become. The Internet can be a crutch for getting answers and not learning by researching on our own like Nicholas Carr mentions in his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” It is also takes up a lot of our time leaving us disconnected from family and friends. I understand the term “going down the rabbit hole” because one search can lead to one site, which then suggests another site, which then leads to a bottomless pit of information like Alice falling forever down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. More people are connecting virtually and losing their ability to socialize face to face. I fear for the day when people no longer talk to each other without using a phone or other electronic device.

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